Bollington Arts Centre
8th September 2019
Registration from 1.45pm

“Those pirates are excellent!”, said several people after seeing the young cast of Buccaneers of the Bollin at the Bollington’s Best Concert 2019 Festival. But the children of BFMT have been excellent twice a year, every year, since 1986, and intend to go on being excellent!

In November 2018 an excellent cast told the story of Cinderella’s World Tour – at least the parts where she turned up as Raisel in Poland, Rhodopis in Ancient Egypt, and as Li Xiang in China, and everywhere she outwitted her tormenters (with the help of a bit of magic) and found happiness…

In November 2019 we’ll find her as Hurat, a Canadian Algonquin, whose older sister’s torments aren’t just words and earn Hurat – which means beautiful – the nickname Scarface… All the girls are desperate to marry The Hidden One, famed for his hunting… Can Scarface succeed where they fail? On a remote Scottish island all the seals gang up on Selena … All grey seals are born pure white, but Selena’s stayed that way… Then she’s always gazing at the moon… Is she actually a seal?

Finally we reach somewhere called Bollington, where Nancy’s the little shrimp they send under the dangerous mill machinery… But Nancy White is the only girl to end up with a spectacular statue on Kerridge Hill (her skirt can still be seen there today!)

All the Music Theatre needs is an excellent bunch of kids to play all the parts! Anyone is welcome to the FREE Taster, there are no auditions, and everyone who wants to can be in the show, live on stage with costumes, lights and music!

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